9th February 2021 | Stamford Mercury

An MP has praised the way undertakers have adapted to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sir John Hayes, MP for The Deepings and chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Funerals and Bereavement, has paid tribute to people working in the funeral sector.

He said: “Among the pandemic’s tidal wave of grief across the country, those whose work is to provide a final send-off for those who loved and lost, while ensuring the safety of staff and mourners, have gone to extraordinary lengths to support bereaved families.”

He added that clergy, funeral directors, morticians, undertakers, crematorium staff and bereavement counsellors worked “with quiet dignity and enduring courtesy” to avoid standing out from the crowd. “Perhaps that is why their work often goes unnoticed by those in the corridors of power,” he added.

In his role in the parliamentary group, Sir John believes he has gained an important insight into the lives and work of those who deal with “the burden of death”.

He feels such workers are essential and should be a priority for the Covid-19 vaccination, and be able to purchase PPE at more affordable prices.

“It is time we as a community and nation paid tribute to the 20,000 funeral service employees in the UK,” he said.

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